An Indian wedding

An Indian wedding is usually drawn out over a few fantastic days and sydney wedding band with their wedding DJ and amazing wedding singer is ready to provide all the bollywood and Hindi (or ANY traditional music) that you require. We also can create the perfect balance that you require in terms of modern radio hits. You get to decide!  At an Indian wedding there are many different types of ceremonies including the painting of the feet and hands of the bride which called the “Mehndi”. Garlands are given to guests of honour and loads of rose petals are thrown every where for good luck. There are usually three parts to an Indian wedding: The pre-wedding, the main and the post wedding. The pre-wedding involves all the preparations and a celebration the night before where both sides of the family can meet each other and enjoy dancing and having fun. A Pandit usually selects the day of the wedding according to the groom and brides horoscopes. This Pandit says a prayer with the family. The altar of the wedding is called a mandala and is actually built on the day of the wedding as the groom is welcomed by his mother in law to be.
At an Indian wedding the parents also give the bride away like in western cultures but they do not eat before the wedding in order to remain pure. The groom’s scarf is tied to the bride’s spree to represent the joining of the two souls. During a ceremony similar to this, a cord is wrapped around the couple to protect them from evil. This is usually done by the elders of the birde and groom. For this special day, make sure you hire Crash Symphony Productions to capture the video experience of a life time. CSP can provide a live music video of professional studio quality for you to keep and watch for the rest of your lives. Imagine the Big Thanks Band and our wedding DJ playing all the Bollywood and Indian dance hits while your friends and family dance the night away. Hire Big Thanks Band today for your special Indian Wedding.

Indian wedding

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