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Live Music Female and Male Combo

Live Music functions work well when there is a male and a female singer in the band. The male singer can take the male repertoire and the female can do her repertoire. Many famous songs are by men and women.... View Article

The big Italian wedding

Sydney wedding bands play all sorts of receptions. The “big Italian wedding” is certainly one that we have done a few times. Wow, does it go off. Hands down, the Italian community are the most generous when it comes to... View Article

Jazz and Blues Wedding

Jazz and Blues wedding bands are quite common in Sydney. Some couples just want to keep things fairly low-key and a Jazz and Blues wedding band can bring this feel really nicely. It’s quite common for a wedding band to... View Article

Wedding Ceremony Music Schedule

The wedding ceremony is arguably the most important part of your day. Understandably, this is where people are most tense. It helps to have musicians who have done hundreds of ceremonies and are very comfortable with how the ceremony will... View Article