How To Pick a Good Wedding DJ

If you are challenged with a budget and perhaps space. Consider hiring a good wedding DJ! DJ hire is a fairly simple process. It’s not at all hard to find a wedding DJ. Good DJ’s in every city abound. Every man and his dog are picking up turntables and laptops and posting advertisements for DJ Hire. However, a truly good wedding DJ will have the following traits:

Excellent equipment 

Primarily a good DJ would have a powerful sound system with a big sub-woofer and great quality front of house speakers. You want your wedding DJ to fill the room and have a deep surrounding feeling for your guests on the dance floor.

An understanding of your personal needs. Just like you would when hiring a wedding band or any live wedding music, be sure to pass your personal tastes to your expert Disk Jockey. He or she are bound to have an endless data base which will cover almost ever style on earth… but you want them to understand your demographic. There is little to no point in having a brilliant, creative and original house-music DJ when most of your audience/guests will simply be looking to let their hair down to the classics! Be sure to have this conversation with your wedding DJ. (Also be sure to check out our upcoming blog “How to pick wedding music”.)

A workable and fun personality. 

A good wedding DJ is not just a machine operator who pushes buttons. They should at least attempt to create as much energy as a good wedding band. Live wedding music and the atmosphere that goes with it is an art form. It would be true to say – “to pick a good wedding DJ is to pick a good party starter”. Preferably they would be armed with a microphone and be able to convey short sharp party instructions and orders for the successful invasion of a dance floor!

A realistic price. Let’s not get carried away and pretend you are hiring a salsa band with 6 brass and an array of dancers. This is one man and some high-quality equipment. Be sure to do your research and not get ripped off!

In short, if you can check out a range of reviews, have an informative conversation with an experienced wedding DJ on the phone and find a price that suits you, you should be well on the way to party land and a night full of fun wedding music.

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