Live band hire Sydney – how to go about it wisely.

First things first, if you’re hunting for a great live band, you are hunting for a good thing. DJs can be fun, but there’s no replacement for seeing that drummer raise his arm and let it fall with a loud crack on the snare drum – The guitarist waving his hair about and the lead singer pointing at the crowd with passion. Live band hires Sydney is the way to go. It’s the real deal. Musicians put their heart and soul and a lot of time and hard work into making live music.

Many a couple has looked back upon their big day and remembered the live band most fondly of all. The flowers may have been great and the photographer may have done a great job, but what the hard-working musicians brought to the dancefloor was unique. It was happening there and then – in the present! When you hire a live band in Sydney you best keep in mind videoing the event! A good videographer can make the experience last forever.

Different is good!

There are plenty of live wedding bands out and about but each one is different. No two singers are the same and so when you are hearing a song on the radio, you are hearing a unique version! Ok, it probably won’t sound exactly like the radio, but a good live band will give it their own spin and artistic flair.

Musicians are ultimately artists! Try and remember this when you engage in live band hire Sydney. They look a little different to what you expected! And yes they may sound a little different! Yet a good professional wedding band will know how to create a vibrant atmosphere.

The decision-making process

Often you will have to make this decision based on viewing a video of the band –  but don’t be fooled. A Three-dimensional in your face live wedding band takes you a lot further than any video can. Literally, it is one of the best decisions you can make. If you are hung up on the idea of a DJ, why not looking for a wedding DJ hire along with live band hire? They can complement each other quite well!

Real musicians and singers will need a break every 45 minutes or so. This is where your wedding DJ can kick in and replace the live band for a short step. Keeps the music rolling all night and creates variety!

Make no mistake about it, wedding music is the heart and soul of any great celebration. Choose your band, request your favorite songs, practice your brilliant (or clumsy!) first dance and create an evening never to be forgotten.

Hiring a live band in Sydney is one of the best decisions you will make for one of the most important days of your life.

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