Naturist wedding

Sydney Wedding band Big Thanks is happy to play at your naturist wedding. Believe it or not some couples like to get married the same way they entered the world. Completely natural and without clothing. As outlandish as this sounds, its quite a popular trend dating back to the 60’s flower power era. Some couples opt for more modest fig leaf outfits and others are just happy to let it all hang out. Daytime weddings can be problematic without adequate sunscreen or shelter and can result in the couple looking like a pair of beetroots by the end of the day! One distinct advantage becomes apparent at the moment of the garter toss. It really is no challenge whatsoever for the groom to find the garter! Of course a naturist wedding is not everyones cup of tea but for those who choose this environmentally friendly option The Big Thanks Wedding Band is willing and able to strip down to the bare essentials. Large instruments are an advantage in this situation. The Double Bassist in our band is quite well concealed behind his giant instrument whereas the trumpet player can feel quite exposed! The drummer also gets to hide behind his drum kit, but the lead vocalist who doesn’t play guitar is highly advised to grab a tambourine or some other percussion instrument to hide the crown jewels. Whether on the beach or in the forest or at a naturist bike club, a naturist wedding is certainly unforgettable (especially when you invite the grandparents!). Big Thanks Band is ready to get down and boogie with you in your birthday suit. We can play all the flower power, hippy classics and all the pure classical and jazz music that you require to take you back to your roots as a naturist. Peace. naturist wedding

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