Wedding band music group magic.

Of all the elements of a successful wedding, nothing has more impact than live wedding music! Flowers don’t move. They also die. Photos will last a long time but they’re not dynamic. A wedding band music group however will jump off the stage at you. The interaction, the hype. Nothing compares to live wedding music. Wedding music bands like the Big Thanks Band are very warm. What does this mean? It means they reach out from the stage with the timeless formula of melody and lyrics. Songs are stories – they evoke certain feelings and memories. Perhaps you have a song that was a key moment in your relationship? Often a couple will book live wedding music with just 1 or 2 songs in mind!

First dance memories

The Big Thanks Band is happy to accommodate a special request from your past into their setlist. We have personally seen the teary response of a couple on the floor that was whisked away into the past by their favorite love song. Often this magic moment with your live wedding music occurs in the first dance. This is in many ways the climax of the evening. The formalities are all done (including dad’s 30-minute speech) and it’s time to float away on a magic carpet of melody. Do you have a smoke machine planned for your first dance? Usually, the lights are dimmed and the dance floor is surrounded by love ones. It’s an atmospheric moment and wedding music bands know how to draw this moment out. Don’t be intimidated if you’re not much of a dancer – that is so not the point! It’s your moment to let the music carry you. It’s not a performance or competition. Your wedding live band will create a context that feels comfortable for you.

Upbeat options for your live wedding music

Usually, your wedding band music group will perform a slower romantic song for your first dance. However, this may just not suit the type of couple you are! If your special moment in history was an upbeat, happy time (and why shouldn’t it be?!), that’s totally fine. Groove on, this is what wedding music bands are for. To accommodate your moment. Many a couple has started the party with their bridal dance to something like Lional Richies – All Night Long or a sultry version of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. Whatever your flavor. Be sure to confidently ask your wedding and music group. Let the Big Thanks Band lead the way into a night of memories!

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