Dealing with wedding stress

Weddings are one of the greatest experiences in our life but can also be one of the more stressful. The lead up can be quite challenging for the relationship itself and taking time out to reflect on what’s important is helpful. Making sure you are able to actually enjoy the day is paramount and its important to be able to combat wedding stress. Planning well in advance obviously will help with this. Having a to do list and enlisting family and friends to help you tick off all the boxes will certainly make things easier. The Big Thanks Sydney Wedding Band  is a wedding band that has played at so many weddings that we see a variety of different “stress levels”. There is sometimes the bride and groom who are super relaxed and haven’t even rehearsed their first dance yet somehow the way they look into each others eyes more than compensates for this. Wedding stress hasn’t taken its toll on them. As the live music fills the room they simply get lost in each others arms and the song that they’ve chosen and its a pleasure to watch. By contrast, sometimes there are couples who have really been affected by wedding stress and are a different phenomenon all together. They have every step and twirl worked out but there is a tension in their movement and stress lines on the forehead. What are measures you could take to be more relaxed on your big day and in the lead up? Sydney wedding band Big Thanks aims to bring the fun and the de-stress factor to your wedding. As Taylor Swift says: “Shake it off… shake it off”. Make sure your wedding day is fun and a time of relaxation and celebration. Remember to breathe….

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