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We provide Wedding DJ services to our clients. The reason for this is simple. Some couples prefer to have a Wedding DJ play the dancing sets rather than the full band. It is certainly more cost effective. A common combination is to have an acoustic artist or duo play through the dinner sets, and then the night ends with the Wedding DJ. We are able to fill both roles. We can play the acoustic sets for you and then switch over to the role of Wedding DJ. This means that you don’t need to deal with two groups of people. The transition from acoustic music to DJ is seamless and the organisational process is made simpler for you.

Wedding DJ Options and Packages

Wedding DJThe Wedding DJ option comprises of the PA system, a dance party lighting rig, all the necessary Wedding DJ music equipment, and any extras if requested. One thing to note is that the PA setup is big part for both acoustic act and DJ. It’s much preferred to have the setup of a PA system happen once, rather than twice. This is one major reason why it is better to have the acoustic act, or band, DJ at the end of the night rather than a completely separate group.

Another reason why people may choose to have a Wedding DJ is because of noise restrictions. Band play louder during a dance set. Whilst a DJ can also push the volume hard, they have more flexibility to keep the volume low if they need to do so. Some venues will have restrictions imposed on them where they need to start keeping the volume down after a certain hour. This may be midnight. If a couple wish to party later than midnight they can’t keep the band on. The best choice is to switch over to Wedding DJ mode, moderate the volume according to any restrictions, and party on.

Wedding dJ as a Band Alternative

Also, the band sound is very specific. There are types of electronic music that just don’t work as a band. In theseWedding DJ circumstances it’s time to look at choosing Wedding DJ. It can be a wonderful musical journey to try having your event filled with many different types of music. For example, during the chilled dinners sets you might choose to have quiet acoustic music. Then when the dance sets begin the full band kicks in and you’ve got some rock, funk or RnB. Then when the band finishes you can switch over to full Wedding DJ mode and go for something a little more electronic. Adding the Wedding DJ option certainly gives you a greater breadth of music through the night. Of course, if it is only a Wedding DJ that you are seeking we can easily fill this role.

Organising the Right Playlist of Songs

Also, if you know exactly what songs you want to hear on the night of your wedding this is very easily accommodated through the Wedding DJ option. Allow us to liaise with you prior to the big day and organise the exact list for your day. We also choose to bring our own internet connection so we can link up to Spotify and download requests as they come from you and your friends on the night. We find that many venues don’t have a good connection to give us and it is easier to bring our own connection. Some areas in the country are out of range completely. In these circumstance it is better organise what you want to hear prior to the day. We also bring a large hard dive with us of music, but sometimes it just isn’t enough.

Get in touch if you have any questions regarding our Wedding DJ services. We are more than happy to discuss the various option with you and your partner. You can contact us on 0408 300 402 or or here.