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More impact with GoPro

Photography & Video

Have you ever watched a band and wondered what it would be like to be up there playing and/or singing? Have you ever put on a party, or a special event, and wondered how your friends saw it from their unique perspective? Well now you can!!!

Our Big Thanks Band have taken the unique step and integrated the latest digital camera craze into their repertoire so you can look back at your special day from a DIFFERENT perspective! Introducing GoPro Muso – We equip our musos with GoPros and set up cameras that are fixed on the band and the dance floor and capture the event from their perspective. We also record the bands performance and deliver you a brand new DVD with footage of your event from a multitude of exciting perspectives. A unique way to remember your day! But we can take it a step further:

We can organise an account that your friends, family or colleagues can log into and upload their smart phone footage of the special day. We’ll sort through the footage and include that on the DVD too! Not only do you get the band’s perspective, but you can see your special day the way your friends and family did.

This is a unique and modern way to remember your event that is only offered by Big Thanks. For details on this special service, please contact one of our consultants and they will put together a package that is perfect for you.

Big Thanks!