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Wedding entertainment Sydney band, the Big Thanks Band, are experts and making sure your dance floor stays kicking the whole night long. In this article we are going to look at what is involved in wedding entertainment. It’s not just the dance floor, but also the dinner sets, the canapés, and the ceremony. Each part of the day requires a certain approach which are all musically different.

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Let’s start with the Ceremony

The wedding ceremony isn’t just about when the bride walks down the aisle. Our musicians will start playing as guests arrive to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Often this entails acoustic music and we often leave the vocals out until the bride arrives. Traditionally, the main parts of the ceremony are the processional, the signing of the register, and the recessional (the exit). Often, these are special songs that are specifically chosen by the bride and groom. Once the bride and groom have left the ceremony our musicians usually keep the music going until all the guests have exited and made their way to the next part of the day… the canapés.

Next up for our wedding entertainment Sydney band….. Canapés

The canapés are where the guests have some light refreshments, cocktails, and nibblies while the bridal party are getting their post-ceremony photos taken. It’s at this time that our wedding entertainment Sydney act continue their music. Often, similar to pre-ceremony, the music is best kept acoustic and chilled. It’s important to make sure that it is not too loud as to prevent guests from being able to converse with each other. We try and sing songs during this period which are uplifting and positive. The aim is to augment the atmosphere and make the mood of the event as pleasant as possible. Once the canapés are complete it’s off to the reception for speeches, dinner, and a chilled set from our full band.

Your reception and the chilled dinner sets

During the dinner sets of the reception it’s important that the music be kept at a low volume. If the music is too loud it is difficult for guest to communicate with each other. We try and not be the focus of attention during this period of the evening. Once again, it’s about keeping the mood and atmosphere as pleasant as possible. Often some jazz can work very well and familiar songs that everybody knows and can enjoy. This will be the first part of the wedding where the full band is usually featured. However, the peak of the dinner sets is the first dance. The first dance functions as the transition into the final music section of the wedding day… the dance sets.

wedding entertainment Sydney

Party time on the dance floor

Most of the weddings that we play have about two dance sets. This is where the band really kicks in, the volume goes up, the tempo increases, the party lights turn on, and the party starts. The real trick to good dance sets is making sure that the song choice is geared towards keeping as many people on the dance floor as possible. This means using a cross-generational repertoire. Songs that the oldies can enjoy, but also modern tunes that are well known to the younger generation.

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