Wedding Singer Sydney

Wedding Singer Sydney band the Big Thanks Band provides awesome entertainment to couples and their guests all over the Sydney region and beyond. We have been playing in the Sydney wedding scene for a long time now and know all the venues and what works to make a wedding unforgettably enjoyable.

A Wedding Singer Sydney Band, like Big Thanks Band, knows that success is largely about the repertoire that you have available and when to choose the right songs. It’s no good only playing songs that are modern when all the old folks don’t know any of the tunes. Equally important is to make sure that all the young one get to hear the songs that are current and really popular. That’s why we try and stick to the really big hits and classics that have been tried and tested over the years. The cross-generational songs. The goal is to make sure everyone enjoys the dance floor and doesn’t want to leave!

Wedding Singer Sydney The Big Thanks Band

Wedding Singer Sydney….

Our Wedding Singer Sydney Band does all kinds of music during your wedding day. We often play during the ceremony, then through he canapés followed by the reception. Ceremony music is often acoustic and usually features only one or two of our band members. This makes the atmosphere more romantic and intimate. It’s nice to follow up the ceremony with acoustic music through the canapés. Lightly play acoustic tunes as background ambience really creates a lovely feel for the guests as they have a few drinks and snacks before entering the reception.

Even though the dinner part of reception, our band tries to keep the music light and chilled. Songs like At Last, Fly Me to the Moon, and Thinking Out Loud work great as background music during dinner. The trick is not to overpower the guests during dinner. Many bands play too loud during dinner but we try and keep the volume lower and keep the music out of people’s conversations.

Below is our Wedding singer Sydney band playing the first dance for a couple’s wedding at Alpha Restaurant in Sydney.