Wedding Singer Bowral

Find your perfect wedding singer Bowral. Bowral is a gorgeous place to get married. It has green, lush and rolling country hills. It has plenty of beautiful gardens throughout the region. Why not add the Big Thanks Band to the scenery? Compliment the rich landscape and cozy venues with quality music in Bowral.

Wedding Singer Bowral

The Southern Highlands and a Wedding Singer Bowral

Bowral is the largest town in the Southern Highlands. Furthermore, the town is the central precinct for entertainment and tourism in the region. It has become one of the most popular places for couples to tie the knot. As a result, our wedding band travels to Bowral often. We are familiar with the popular venues and nearby wineries. We have learned the strengths of each venue and how to work with them well. It makes sense that this knowledge helps us navigate a wedding performance to best serve our client couples.

Outdoor Ceremonies as a Wedding Singer Bowral

It is common for a wedding singer Bowral to play outside for a ceremony. This is common because many venues have beautifully maintained and fertile gardens. Wedding couples cannot help but take advantage of such mesmerising locations. Special equipment is necessary to play in outdoor locations. Our acoustic artists use the AER compact 60 mobile battery amp for outdoor ceremonies. This high-end piece of audio kit allows our wedding singer Bowral to provide quality music to an audience without the need of a power cable. They are completely self-sufficient for the ceremony and canapés.

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The Reception in Bowral

As a wedding singer Bowral, we find ourselves playing the ceremony and canapés outdoors. Once this part of the wedding is complete we relocate indoors for the reception. Venues vary widely. Some are old and antique. Others are more wide open spaces with interior acoustics that are active. Different spaces require a varied approach from our us. We find that in an active space we need to play softer and more delicately. These are all skills that we develop as we learn about all the venues scattered throughout Bowral.

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