Wedding Singer Newcastle

Are you looking for a wedding singer Newcastle? The Big Thanks Band will play all over Newcastle. There are some fantastic venues in Newcastle. Many are perfect for live music. The Novotel Hotel Newcastle is an excellent venue with a beautiful view of the beach. Also, Newcastle City Hall is a fine choice for a wedding receptions. It has a great space for a live band like the Big Thanks Band.

Wedding Singer Newcastle

Wedding Singer Newcastle Rock Repertoire

Newcastle has a strong history in Australia’s rock music culture. Bands like The Screaming Jets and Silver Chair are are famous bands to originate from Newcastle. As a result, we often find couples from Newcastle like the Australian rock repertoire. This is no problem for our band. We are well versed in this choice of songs. Songs like “April Sun in Cuba”, “Back in Black”, “Down Under”, “Holy Grail”, “Thunderstruck”, “Keh Sahn”, “Mr Brightside” are some of the songs that we play as part of our Rock Rep.

Cross-Generational Repertoire

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we will only play Rock songs at the reception. Even in Newcastle, it’s important to remember that the songs need to be cross-generational to some degree. This is important to remember because the music played at a wedding should be designed to please everyone from the young kids in the audience to the old folks, and everyone in between. So whilst the core of the selection may be Australian Rock music, it’s useful to throw in a few songs that everyone will love like “My Girl” or “Stand by me”. Also, some modern songs that everyone will love are great, too. Some examples include “Valerie”, “Uptown Funk” and “Happy”.

It’s important for us to speak to our couples prior to their wedding day and get a good idea of what Are you searching for a Wedding Singer Newcastle songs they would like to hear. We don’t write set lists for wedding receptions because we find that it is more important to read the room on the day and choose songs that are most likely to keep the dance floor full.

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Below are some videos of our band playing.