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Wedding Dj

Wedding DJ from Band Lead Singer / Guitarist

Wedding DJs have been looked down upon by musicians for a very long time. It’s really just ridiculous rivalry that exists between these two music service providers. The musicians will all mock being a wedding DJ as being button pushers... View Article

Wedding Dj hire

Wedding DJ Client Contact

Wedding DJ work seems really easy from the outside but there’s actually a lot of preparation and work that goes into making sure the night goes really well for the special couple. In this article we’re going to look at... View Article

Wedding Music Band

Wedding band music group magic.

Of all the elements of a successful wedding, nothing has more impact than live wedding music! Flowers don’t move. They also die. Photos will last a long time but they’re not dynamic. A wedding band music group however will jump... View Article

Wedding Dj

How To Pick a Good Wedding DJ

If you are challenged with a budget and perhaps space. Consider hiring a good wedding DJ! DJ hire is a fairly simple process. It’s not at all hard to find a wedding DJ. Good DJ’s in every city abound. Every... View Article

Wedding Music

How to Plan Wedding Music

When choosing a wedding band/music group what are the key things to look out for? Be true to your own tastes You will no doubt see a vast array of styles and options when you google wedding band/music group. Decide... View Article

A bushland wedding

A bushland wedding has a unique kind of feel to it. The trees that surround you and your guests, their stories of hundreds of years giving a feeling of longevity to your wedding vows. The great thing is, in a... View Article