Wedding Live Band in Sydney

The power of live music

A live band is an essential part of our society. All over the world the sounds of a live band can be heard from country to country. From culture to culture.

South America

Recently I had the privilege of travelling to a country that is more prone to using a live band in festive situations. Colombia! Anyone familiar with Colombia is surely familiar with Salsa. While salsa music can certainly be played by a DJ or on a set of speakers. There is certainly nothing in comparison with a live band full of amazing salsa musicians. Its not just the sound of the brass and percussion. Its the visual spectacular. This is something that a live band can bring that no other form of entertainment can. The flashing of the brass instruments. The Trombones, trumpets and saxophones glisten under the lights and are choreographed brilliantly.

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Live Band

Europe and Scandinavia

Across the ocean in Europe rock still lives! Yep, there are live band festivals still going strong throughout France, Germany and much of Eastern Europe. They of course look very different to a live band that you might find in South America. Scandinavia in particular is a bizzare and fun place to see a live band. Metal rules in the northern regions. From Sweden you can hear bands like Armagedda. Iceland boast the great black metal band called Sinmara (formerly known as Chao). Crimson Moonlight are more of a symphonic black metal band and boast from Sweden. Finland has a phenomenal experimental band called Dodkvlt. Of course we can’t forget Norway with Drottnar (a very technical fast band) and Kampfar (leaning towards folk metal). Venues still see a great multitude of fans eager to rock out and mosh.


Cultures closer to home here in Australia have sadly seen the decline of the live band through out the 2000’s. Whether it was just the cost of hiring or the inconvenience of rehearsing. The idea of a full live band went backwards for a while. Harking back to the 60’s and 70’s in Australia, a live band could be heard almost every single night of the week in the streets and bars of Sydney or Melbourne.

Some claim that the introduction of the poker machines saw a decline. The famous live band “The Whittlams” famously performed a song called “Blow up the Pokies”. This was a reference to the struggle of addiction that over took millions. In the song, Tim Freedman sings of the good old days when live music was the main focus of attention. Instead years later it is the Pokies that draw people in and trap them in a cycle.

The come back down under

Never the less, the live band seems to be making a come back! Its good news for everyone. What is driving this? To be perfectly honest, the most likely place you are to hear a good live band is at a Wedding! Yes that’s right, for some reason, people are choosing more often lately to tie the knot and party all night to a live band. Bands like The Big Thanks Band are flying from venue to venue all over Sydney, bringing the highest quality live wedding music to happy couples. The ultimate wedding band is versatile. They can play all the favourite hits that any live band should. A good wedding band will also know how to read the crowd and cater for the wide range of ages.

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Rocking out a wedding with the best

You have a choice these days of how to put together your ideal live band. Whatever style of music you are into, brass can really be that icing on the cake. Trombone, trumpet and or saxophone can add the sparkle that you need to give the wedding something extra! Or are you into percussion like bongos, timbale, congas and cowbell? That’s a great option also. The other thing that a great live band like Big Thanks Band will offer is several vocalists. You can have a male and female vocalist and also the instrumentalists sing. This creates great options for performing all those classic harmonies that make a live band sound so much fuller.

Whatever your flavour, try not to resort to mp3s!! A DJ sure looks cool with his hat and his buttons but there never will be a substitute for a great live band.

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