Wedding Bands Newcastle

There are some stunning locations to get married in Newcastle. Why not get a great band to complement your wedding day. The Big Thanks Band have played all over Newcastle. We know the venues and understand how to make wedding music work. If you are searching for Wedding Bands Newcastle we can help you customise the right mix of music for the entire day. Ceremony, Canapés, and reception. Read on to learn how we structure the music for a wedding.

How the Day unfolds with our Wedding Bands Newcastle

Our musicians who make up our Wedding Bands Newcastle are able to play multiple roles throughout the day. Often the lead singers can play the ceremony acoustically. Then they will switch into the full band at the reception. During the ceremony they will play as guests arrive and as they leave. During the ceremony they will play the entrance song, during the signing of the registry, and finally, as the bridal party leaves.

Wedding Singer Sydney The Big Thanks Band

Once the ceremony is complete they move to the canapés. This is similar music. Often light acoustic music is most appropriate. The goal is to be subtle, background, and uplifting. Creating a positive mood is our core focus. Once the canapés are complete our musicians will move to the reception area.

The reception is most divided into two phases: the chilled dinner sets and then the upbeat dance sets. Whilst the band is a full sized band during dinner, the focus is still to be quiet enough for guests to still converse. The last thing we aim to do is blow everyone away with volume during dinner. Once dinner is finished, and the speeches are over, it’s time for the first dance. We almost always move straight into the dance set after the first dance. Once these are nearing a completion we will call the last song. This is often referred to as the ‘farewell song’. This is an opportunity for guests and the band to say goodbye to the happy couple and wish them well.

Wedding bands Newcastle

If you wish to learn more about our Wedding Bands Newcastle the Big Thanks Band contact us here or call 0408 300 402.