The reality of a homeless wedding

The phenomena of a homeless wedding is more common than you think! Sadly Sydney and other major cities of Australia have surprisingly large homeless communities. Many peoples understanding of the term homeless is someone who sleeps on the street every night. While this can be true, the reality is that most homeless people in Australia float from one free accommodation arrangement to the next. Wether it be at a friends house or a shelter or perhaps occasionally a youth hostel and yes of course occasionally they spend a cold night in a park or in a doorway recess or any other makeshift shelter. This is more common in the warmer months though it is true there are severe cases of those who spend almost every night on the street due to mental illness or drug abuse problems. Homeless people like everyone else fall in love and this is most often with someone who shares similar struggles to them and so a homeless wedding is a very real possibility. In fact, homeless romances can be some of the most intense and passionate because they genuinely cling together on cold nights and see each other through very tough times. At some point, like everyone else, homeless people will want to marry. Obviously a homeless wedding in a giant reception hall is not possible but various community organisations can easily put people in touch with celebrants and legal aid to arrange the marriage. For genuine cases, Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks Band is happy to hit the streets with an acoustic duo to add musical accompaniment to a beautiful homeless wedding. We can play all the hard knock lovers hits like Living on a Prayer, We found love,Through the Rain. Of course our wish and the wish of all those reading this blog is to see the couple safe and warm in long term accommodation. Sadly people in this situation have complex, difficult lives and a past that haunts them and so finding love and a relationship to help and support each other through this season is actually a big step to moving forward in life.
homeless wedding

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