A special wedding

We want to see you feel fulfilled and happy on your big day and to talk about it afterwards for years to come. Your guests will rave about how much of a special wedding it was. Here are some ideas to make your special wedding stand out in the history books:

Want to create an unusual color scheme? Take cues from the works of different artists such as Lindsay, Van Gogh, or Pollock or perhaps a classic Australian bush artist.

Where did you two first spark up your romance? Pay homage to the state you fell in love in by incorporating it into your décor or food. These tropical inspired Florida-shaped cookies add a punch of whimsy.

If you’re having a destination wedding or have a lot of guests coming from out of town, include a map of the area your wedding will be in with your invitations—after all, they’ll be spending the whole weekend there!

Serve a wedding cake that celebrates your heritage— think papaya filling (the Philippines), cannoli cream icing (Italy), pomegranate glaze (Middle East). No problem if the groom is from a different country—think multiple tiers

Including your pet on your special wedding day? We can’t think of anything sweeter! Instead of throwing a tie or bow on them, give them their own flower crown to match your décor—florals for the girls and greenery for the boys.

Give your bridesmaids something a little more untraditional to carry in lieu of bouquets. These greenery wreaths with statement flowers are absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching. We’re also into balloons and lanterns as bouquet alternatives.

Big Thanks Band is the ultimate Sydney wedding band and wants to brighten up your special wedding day with all the classic hits from the 40’s until now. We cover the swing era, the classic early rock n roll of chuck berry and the Beatles, as well as the roaring hits of the 60’s where the singer song writers flourished. We can give you the music for all season. The Birds, The Temptation, Sam and Dave, Earth Wind fire, all the soul and RnB classics are at your fingertips when you hire the Big Thanks Band and their expensive repetoire. Big Thanks Band and their Sydney Wedding Singer will have you rocking and rolling and loving ever moment of your reception as you dance along with your guests and celebrate through the night. Hire Crash Symphony productions to record the experience



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