A wilderness wedding

Why not choose a wilderness wedding as a way to start out your life as a couple. With all the options that this beautiful country has. Bathurst, Orange, Mudgee which are all stunning in Autumn,  to the venues closer to Sydney like the Blue Mountain, Central Coast, Windsor or even Wisemans Ferry. Don’t forget kangaroo valley and The snowy mountains, the opportunities in this beautiful country for a wilderness wedding are plentiful!  Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks Band can bring the country and western touch or the bush music to your wilderness wedding. We can bring classic Australian bush instruments such as the largerphone and play all the classics, including the barn dance and bush band songs that make a wilderness wedding special. The things to be concerned with a wilderness wedding are those pesky aspects of nature like mosquitos, snakes, creepy crawlies and of course the good old australian weather!

We love to climb into our Big Thanks Band bus with our wedding singer and go bush to celebrate. Adorned with Acoubras and Dryasabones, we love to look the part. A giant bonfire might be the centre piece of your bush wedding or you might prefer to use a modern reception hall situated in the bush but with all the comforts of modern technology. Nothing wrong with that! Others choose to rough it and hold the reception in a shearing shed or in a big old tent in the bush. Accommodation for your guests could simply be tents or teepees or you might want to splurge and hire a conference centre. The Big Thanks Band wants to help you celebrate your classic Aussie wedding deep into the night and have everyone slapping their knees as we roll through classics from Aussie Crawl to Cold Chisel to Slim Dusty and Kylie Minogue. The depth and breadth of Australian music is breathtaking and Big Thanks Band are all over the repertoire. Grab your swag, don’t forget the Aeroguard and head for the bush on horse back if you really want to get romantic! Big Thanks band are ready to celebrate with you for your Bush Wedding. Book today!

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