Country wedding or City wedding

Choosing a location for your wedding can be a long process. Many couples opt for a country wedding and spend months visiting dozens of locations from vineyards and orchards to cosy, vintage country retreats. In this blog we weigh up the pros and cons of country wedding verse a city wedding. A country wedding has many advantages. When The Big Thanks Wedding Band performs in the Hunter Valley we feel like we are in another dimension. The greenery and the big open skies and mountains really create an atmosphere of romance without much effort. The effort of course comes in the travel and planning of accommodation. Many people get caught out in this regard and we know even as a band that if we don’t get in early for the hunter valley accommodation we may be stuck with a very long drive back to Sydney late at night. This is not advisable because of the large number of Kangaroos in the hunter Valley. Make sure you research well the accommodation options and book well in advance. The southern highlands weddings also encounter these problems. City weddings avoid all of this but have the other conundrum of traffic. Taxis and ubers are certainly the way to go especially if one plans on drinking. Our Sydney wedding band often has a tough time sometimes finding a place to load in and out of a busy city venue but we always manage to be on time. Wether a country wedding or by the harbour in a bustling city The Big Thanks Band will make your big day one to remember.  Small and large venues alike are all appropriate. We have different sized bands to cater for any venue at all and its ok, we love road trips! There is nothing like hitting the road with a van full of instruments and heading out to a good old fashioned country wedding.

country wedding


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