Deciding on the size of your wedding band: what is right for you

Deciding on the size of your wedding band can be tricky and can depend on a number of factors including venue size, guest numbers, personal tastes, budget or practical space for the band. Noise restrictions can also be a factor. In this blog we will explore all the popular options. The Big Thanks Band offers a huge variety of sizes. We offer of course just a wedding singer with his or her guitar or keyboard as a soloist. Then there is the duo which can consist of a guitarist and a singer or perhaps both members sing. There is also the instrumental duo which could be perhaps a keyboardist and a saxophone player or a trumpet player depending on your tastes. In fact for an instrumental duo, almost any combination is possible, from bass and guitar duo (perhaps a giant upright bass) or in fact 2 guitars (for classical or Spanish style guitar accompaniment and background music). Then of course there is the trio where usually drums are added so that the group is now officially a “wedding band” (meaning they can play upbeat music for the dance floor later in the evening). This band could also be a jazz trio early in the evening before it brings on the louder and more active pop and rock hits. The most common modern pop/rock trio is a guitarist or bass player who sings and then either an accompanying guitarist or bassist plus of course the drums. The next option up is the 4 piece and allows for a greater variety of sounds. This usually consists of drums, bass, guitar and keys. The five piece has a number of options where you can add a horn player (sax or trumpet) or a female or male backing vocalist or even a percussionist. But the real fun starts with a 6, 7, 8 piece. The options here for your wedding band are loads of fun where you can have a full brass section.

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