A unique honeymoon destination

For a unique honeymoon destination, try and really think about what you and your spouse have enjoyed in the past. Are you both island lovers? Sand, surf and sea? Or do you love the mountains? Perhaps both of you aren’t the same in this regard and need to compromise. Below is an amazing destination that covers both types of terrains and are rarely thought of.

Sri Lanka

An island nation of the coast of Southern India, Sri Lanka boasts all the natural beauty one could want and is the ideal destination for a unique honeymoon. From long, sparkling beaches with dozens of villas in the south, or the quieter more remote beaches of the north (which is now completely safe and conflict free.) Elephant pass in the north west of Sri Lanka has been described by some people as having the most beautiful sunset on earth. It has a vivid coral reef and a bizarre combinations of blue that light up and reflect the sinking sun in a unique way.

To the south east there are lush, beautiful rainforests with national parks that host a huge collection of wild life, from jaguars to herds of Elephants, monkeys and 100’s of species of birds. In the centre of the island are tall mountains cloaked with tea plantations where you can stay and enjoy the view as well as the finest Ceylon Tea. Sri Lanka is not called the tea bag of India for no reason hanging down there tastily! There are beautiful homesteads and villas on these plantations where couples can stay and have a lovely honeymoon experience.

Don’t forget to do some historical research also, the ancient Buddhist history of Sri Lanka has left it dotted with unique and flamboyant temples all across the country side from the mountains to the sea and some of them are very famous pilgrimage destinations and will make your unique honeymoon one to remember. .

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unique honeymoon

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