How to Plan Wedding Music

When choosing a wedding band/music group what are the key things to look out for?

Be true to your own tastes

You will no doubt see a vast array of styles and options when you google wedding band/music group. Decide the sort of thing that you like and go with something that catches your eye. You could mention your favourite artist in the first email/enquiry or have a friendly chat on the phone about what sort of music you and your partner enjoy.

Choose a versatile band

While you want your own tastes in music covered, be sure to look for a wedding band/music group that is able to cover all the styles and ages. Remember a wedding is a wide demographic of loved ones – yes it’s about you, but not all about you! You will have children, middle-aged adults right through to grandparents! There is no point in having a wedding band/music group that only covers modern styles. Be sure to ask if they do a “range of music” including the classics. Whether that is the Beatles, Nat King Cole or classic 80’s rock. A wedding band/music group shouldn’t only be stuck on Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars!


You will pick up from your communications with your wedding band/music group a certain attitude. Whether by email or on the phone. You want to work with someone who is clear and concise on what they offer and have a high professional standard. Do they cover ceremony music? Can they do canapes acoustic session for you? Will they learn a live bridal dance for you and your partner to perform your first dance together? All these things are important and a good wedding band/music group will cover all these bases and more!

With these points in mind, you can confidently start searching for a wedding band/music group that suits your needs!

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