A latino fiesta wedding

Sydney wedding band Big Thanks is always eager to play a latino fiesta wedding and bring on the salsa. Many people have a wedding in this style. Una celebracion muy grande con musica perfecta!  Whether your roots are in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Argentina or Venezuela, The Big Thanks Band in conjunction with Crash Symphony Productions is ready to spice up your celebration. Latino members of our team not only play Music of South America and Spain but also a great collection of Australian and American modern hits. Variety is the spice of our band and we can mix it up and have you swaying to sambas, salsas, soul and rock n roll!

¡vamos a empezar esta fiesta! Nos encanta actuar en bodas con la mejor música disponible en Sydney.

Our full Big Thanks Band 8 piece combination includes a brass section perfect for those punchy latino fiesta wedding classics and also percussion such as congas and timbales. The band is highly energetic and will keep everybody parting all night. Choose a beautiful spansish song for your walk down the aisle or for the first dance. Keep the spice a live on the dance floor with all the great hits from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Equador, Bolivia,  Paraguay Venezuela and also all parts of central america including Mexico. We also cater for Brazilian celebrations. Big Thanks Wedding band will bring the life and rhythm to the ultimate fiesta. From las arras to Capias and all the nuances of south american wedding culture, we are committed to being authentic and our latin team members ensure that you have a wonderful experience. Request songs and dance to your choice of music as our DJ takes the stand in between live music sets. You are guaranteed una gran boda! Felicitations de todos nosotros en el gran equip de agradecimiento. Muchas gracias y dios de bendiga and enjoy your latino fiesta wedding!

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