Live Music Female and Male Combo

Live Music functions work well when there is a male and a female singer in the band. The male singer can take the male repertoire and the female can do her repertoire. Many famous songs are by men and women. When both female and male singers are available in the band it works perfectly because we can cover a wider range of repertoire. During the male lead the female singer can harmonise and do backing vocals, and vice versa. It works best to have both available and even trade song for song during the live music sets. There is certainly something missing when both singers are not available.

In the big thanks band we always recommend that our brides and grooms choose to have both singers at their wedding. Of course, it’s not a show-stopper if both cannot be there. But it does feel, look, and sound better when both singers are working together. The ladies on the dance floor can relate to the female singer and her songs. They also love the male singer’s songs and they feel safe knowing that he is working well and in harmony with a girl. It’s a subtle psychological nod that works well for the whole wedding.

Let’s not forget all the great duets throughout music history. There’s nothing like hearing a song where a man and a women are singing a love song to each other. A song where there is no lead. Both singers are the lead. Each singer trades line for line.

Live music that includes both singers always ends up sounding better. Both male and female singing voices bring something special to the music. When considering your lineup for your wedding we encourage you to include both singers in the band. It is a little more expensive but ultimately the night will run better.

Live Music

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