Planning the perfect wedding

Planning the perfect wedding takes time. What do we mean by perfect? Well, simply the wedding that is right for YOU. Not for someone else! Everyone has their own style and taste. Brides spend years flicking through bridal magazines, attending expos, listening to other talk about what worked for them and googling all sorts of ideas and stories. Yet when it comes down to it, its your life and your partner that are in question. What defines your styles and tastes. It sometimes is good to step back from all the glitzy marketing and glossy magazine articles and think about what makes you tick. Your favourite colours, flowers, music, planning the perfect wedding is a lot easier than you think.

The first thing you probably envision is a dress. Sometimes its good to close your eyes and imagine yourself and your favourite dress up to this day. What has worked in the past, of course you may never have worn a wedding dress before, but you have worn plenty of other dresses and some of them just clicked for you. Take these ideas, rather than countless pictures in magazines of dresses on other people bodies! What really made you look and feel good in the past. Take this idea to a tailor and begin to discuss your body shape and what would work for you based on your own experiences.

Another thing to be thinking about is the general atmosphere of the wedding. This is where music can make a huge difference. The style of band you choose is important. Big Thanks Band loves to cater for the perfect wedding – i.e. the wedding that suits you. With that said, we want to hear from you about your tastes in music. Our wedding singer with our acclaimed  wedding band will make your day extra special by doing a few requests that mean a lot to you and your spouse. Our repertoire is vast and caters for many different styles. Weather you’re looking for a wedding band in the southern highlands or in the hunter valley, Big Thanks Band is ready to play for you and help you in planning the perfect wedding.\

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