Southern Highlands wedding at Milton Park


For the ultimate southern highlands wedding you surely would have to consider Milton Park.  This lavish, large estate is timeless in appearance and its ancient buildings and gardens truly transport you, your partner and all your guests into another era.

The landscape is varied, mostly green, with dark shades for big old trees and lavish, brightly coloured gardens with lush, bright green lawns. One of the best features of this southern highlands wedding venue is actually the staff! They are full of knowledge about Milton Park estate and are always ready to help with a smile.

The other amazing thing about Milton park is not just the service and quality you will receive as a reception centre, but the excellent 7 star accommodation. It is a truly lush way for your friends to spend a weekend and they will go home with many fond memories, not just of the reception and ceremony, but also of their stay in this awesome accommodation full of comfort. Milton Park is renowned for planning your wedding well. They have a number of amazing rooms to choose from for you wedding reception needs. The first is the Conservatory.

The Conservatory is surrounded by windows overlooking the garden. With an open log fireplace, this room offers itself as a great place for both Summer and Winter weddings.

The Conservatory can accommodate up to 75 guests. However they do not allow amplified music and dancing in this room.

The Ballroom with its wall length windows offers lovely views over Milton Parks hilly paddocks. It provides a formal setting while creating an elegant, country feel.

The room caters for up to 180 guests. Dance Floors and Amplified music are permitted in this room so it is an ideal room to use the Big Thanks Band. Along with the Big Thanks Band, your southern highlands wedding would not be complete without Crash Symphony productions and their recording capability. A state of the art sonic and video experience are yours if you combine CSP with BTB!


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