Sydney Wedding Band tasks and Responsibilities

Sydney Wedding Band

Sydney wedding band, Big thanks, likes to be organised. There’s actually a lot involved with being Sydney Wedding band. To do the job well involves a lot of diligence and preparation. In this article we are going to look at some of the things that make a wedding work well. And they aren’t all musical.

The first and most important task is getting to the wedding venue with enough time to properly setup. This is a mistake that a lot of wedding operators make. The wedding environment is a very stressful place for all the service providers. There’s a deadline that is looming over everyone’s head as to when the special couple are going to arrive. It’s a terrible thing not to be fully setup and prepared before all the guests arrive. The last thing that people want to see is a service provider, like the Sydney Wedding band, setting up as guest arrive. This is a big no no. The trick to get there early. Make sure the traffic is not going to be an issue for the journey to the venue. This is almost always what makes people late to the venue. It’s a good thing to check google maps the day before and get an idea of how long it will take to get to the venue at the time the journey will happen the next day. Don’t check it a night time when there is no traffic. The journey time can change dramatically from peak hour traffic to the lull of nighttime traffic. This is a small detail that makes a huge difference. When the Sydney wedding band gets there early, like Big Thanks Band does, it allows plenty of time to sound check and deal with any unexpected issues that pop up. And they always do!

It’s important to have learned any song requests well before the wedding day. This takes a lot of stress out of the wedding for the Sydney wedding band. It’s good practice to spend the week slowly chipping away at the wedding songs that way when the day comes the songs are pretty easy and stress free. If the song requests are in the mp3 format it’s good to have the playlist setup up and ready to go the day before the wedding. Once again, this takes out all the stress of need to organise things on the day.

The Sydney Wedding band will have a number of sets to play during the wedding. Most often, a wedding will consist of two chilled sets and two dance sets. It’s really important for the Sydney wedding band to make sure that there is an iPod playing “filler” music during the breaks. We call this ‘break music’. There’s nothing worse than silence during the wedding reception. In fact, it’s a good idea for the band to have the iPod playing continuously throughout the reception and the only thing that is adjusted is the volume. This means that as soon as the band goes on a break the volume can be immediately boosted and the awkward silence is filled.

Lastly, every good Sydney wedding band will take their own lighting rig. This is to light the band and partially light the dance floor.  The lighting is mostly required during the dance sets. The party really comes alive once the light and music kick in together.

Hopefully, this article has provided some information about what is expected by the Sydney wedding band to do a good job.

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