Sydney Wedding Band BIG THANKS play together all the time. You can hear it!

Sydney Wedding Band

Let the music feel like this, too! Sydney Wedding band BIG THANKS BAND wants to play at your wedding.

Sydney Wedding Band BIG THANKS have musical chemistry!

Sydney wedding band, Big Thanks, have been playing together for a long time. It makes a difference when you have a band that has played together a lot. The sound is tighter, the players know each other well and there’s an obvious chemistry that translates well. There are a lot of Sydney wedding companies that don’t follow this model. They draw from a large pool of musicians and create the band for the gig. Sometimes the musicians have never played together. They make it “work” because the repertoire that works at wedding is fairly well known. No one is reinventing the wheel. Each band, for each wedding, is a different line up. It makes sense then that the chemistry between players changes. This model works from a business perspective but it isn’t the best sounding band that can play at a wedding.

When musicians play together a lot, like they do in Sydney wedding band Big Thanks, you can hear the connection immediately. There’s a punchiness, tightness and sensitivity that comes with knowing your fellow players extremely well. This gets lost when the band don’t know each other very well. It’s certainly interesting to play with new people all the time. Is it the best thing for the client? No!

In Sydney wedding band Big Thanks, we focus on making the music sound incredible. We know each other well. We play together all the time and it makes a huge difference. Brides and Grooms may not understand the science behind why a well rehearsed band sound better than a band that has been thrown together, but they can certainly feel it. The guests and everyone on the dance floor can feel it, too. If you’re going to spend the money on getting a real band for your wedding, why not get a real band? It makes a difference and the musical atmosphere at the wedding will reflect that decision.

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