The big Italian wedding

Sydney wedding bands play all sorts of receptions. The “big Italian wedding” is certainly one that we have done a few times. Wow, does it go off. Hands down, the Italian community are the most generous when it comes to food offerings. The most recent Big Italian wedding was at the beautiful La Montage in Lillyfield. It was a large three hundred guest wedding. The sound system and in-house lighting rig was incredible. The bride and groom danced to a song that Sydney wedding bands, like us, know when – “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. As the Big Thanks Band started playing a smoke machine covered the floor in a dream cloud. Half way through the piece the pyrotechnics kicked in and focused streams of sparks shot up form all corners of the dance floor. It was incredible. Then the bridal party joined the bride and groom on the dance floor. We played two dance sets at that wedding. There was a short break in between each dance set. We filled the break with some dance tunes on the iPod to keep the dance floor filled and kicking.

Once the last dance set was nearing its end we asked the guests to form the traditional farewell arch. This is the “corridor of love” that is common at weddings and is a wonderful sendoff to the couple. We played “Good Riddance” by Green Day as their farewell song. It worked a treat.

Sydney Wedding bands, like The Big Thanks Band, are experienced with playing weddings of all different nationalities. Many different countries expect different things from their service providers and it is import to adhere to their customs and make sure that the couple are sent away having had the best time imaginable on their wedding day. Ultimately, this is of the highest priority. Most couples really just want to see the dance floor full all night. If they can see that their friends are having a great time they will almost always have a great time, too.


Stay tuned for more blogs on our adventures as one of best Sydney Wedding Bands.


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