Your Same Sex wedding

Same-sex weddings in Sydney will be common soon and  wedding band Big Thanks is very excited about the new era. There will undoubtably be an influx of these amazing landmark celebrations in the very near future! The Big Thanks Wedding band is ready to cater for this new phenomena on in Australia. Playing all the classic hits and modern songs that you love we can play anything that special to you and your journey with your partner. LGBT marriages will be celebrated in an extra special way as the new future unfolds in the coming 12 months! Let us give a big thanks to all those compassionate visionary people who voted yes to move same-sex relationships to a new level of acknowledgement in society!  From the ceremony through to the reception we’ve got you covered with all the best festive and celebratory music. Same sex marriages have been celebrated all over the world from Thailand to New Zealand and finally its our turn in Australia to acknowledge couples who love each other and are committed for the long haul.  Bookings are filling up fast so make sure you contact Big Thanks wedding band for your same sex marriage. We are Gay marriage and Lesbian marriage specialists as members of our team are from the LGBT community. Big Thanks Wedding Band has a special sensitivity for such beautiful occasions and is eager to celebrate with you. Australia get ready for some serious same sex wedding parties in the name of true love. Walk down the aisle to your favourite love song and then later on take that special first dance to a song that means something special to you and your parter. Later in the evening dance the night away and party with us as we let the live band do their thing! From a classic quartet rock/pop/RnB band to a full 8 piece band with brass. We have you covered for you same sex wedding celebration!

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