Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers at your wedding. What season are you planning to have your wedding? Summer? Consider dandelions, they are a summer favourite. Many people have dandelion seed balls blown over them as they arrive at the reception hall instead of confetti. Apparently in parts of Madagascar it is known to ensure fertility as the dandelion represents reproduction. Choosing seasonal flowers at your wedding can be a barrel of fun. In winter you will most likely want to have moss. Moss can be grown to cover the bridal table and be an amazing adornment for the bridesmaids. Moss can also be thrown of the happy newly weds as they leave the church and it is traditional Inuit tradition for the couple to make love on a bed of moss. For autumn consider Kale or thistles in your arrangements. Ranunculus also love the autumn climate and will flourish as seasonal flowers at your wedding. Believe it or not, some people even use cabbage and Brussel sprouts for their wedding bouquets. With the various types of variegated leaves, these can be a real winner.

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