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Unique wedding ideas

Here is a list of unique wedding ideas that can help spice up your wedding and make it stand out from the many others that no doubt will be happening in your circle of friends. Come up with a wedding... View Article

Bridesmaids expenses

Bridesmaids expenses are often uncertain. Who pays for what on and before the wedding day? The guidelines concerning the brides parents and the grooms parents are fairly well established in wedding history but what the bridal party members cover is... View Article

Choosing a wedding dress

1. One of the most important things when choosing a wedding dress is to know the general shape and silhouette of the dress before you go going shopping. Before you get lost in the all the different words and terms used... View Article

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A rainy wedding: Braving the weather

In many cultures a rainy wedding is considered extraordinary good luck. Its easy to feel disappointed when you wake up on your big day and see overcast, angry clouds. This however needs to be reviewed! The reality is that rain... View Article

Important aspects of a stylish wedding

Colour is an important thing  among all your considerations for having a stylish wedding. each colour sets different moods. Retailers and wedding planners over the years have studied the effects of colours on people and their mood and it is... View Article

Online virtual gigs: VIGS

Big Thanks Band works closely with Crash Symphony Productions to bring you an online virtual gigs through a revolutionary new live music portal. Believe it or not, you can actually see our band play live from your own house. Tune... View Article

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Wedding Repertoire

Wedding Repertoire is one of the most interesting musical phenomenons that Sydney Wedding Band, the Big Thanks Band encounters. To be sure, as professional musicians who’ve toured all over Australia and the world we have played dozens of styles of... View Article

Wishing a couple well at a wedding

Writing a note on a wedding card can be perplexing and its hard to choose the right words  in wishing a couple well at times. There are a number of different approaches to this. The Big Thanks Band is there... View Article

Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers at your wedding. What season are you planning to have your wedding? Summer? Consider dandelions, they are a summer favourite. Many people have dandelion seed balls blown over them as they arrive at the reception hall instead of... View Article

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A hologram wedding

A hologram wedding is becoming more and more possible these days as technology improves across the world. What is the point of a hologram wedding you may ask? Quite simply it allows people who are unable to travel to the... View Article