A low budget wedding

A low budget wedding does not need to be a miserable affair. On the contrary! Many of the lower budget weddings that the Big Thanks Band has played were the most beautiful. We have also played very ostentatious weddings that have not been warm or loving. Money shouldn’t be the reason we get married! If two people are feeling they should get married in whatever circumstances they themselves feel comfortable with. Even in college or University a low budget wedding can be fantastic. It’s actually a very romantic thing! To begin your married life together as students can be the most unifying, bonding way to start out together.  Big Thanks Band can provide a bargain trio or duo and please speak to us about the special deals for certain days of the week. A Sunday or Friday wedding will get you a discount. The whole engagement can be exciting and full of romance and surprise, visiting each other at your respective dorms and kissing in the reference section of the library. Hiding behind the toilet blocks and making out, holding hands under the tables during lectures. A student wedding and courtship is worthy of a novel or romance movie. The Big Thanks Band musicians have studied at university and will fit right in with your college theme. We can play all the college classics like “Don’t know much about History”, “School Daze”, “She blinded me with science” and “Paper back writer”. We will have you rocking in the lecture theatre with our ultimate wedding singer. A low budget wedding wedding is a great party and we can play all the RnB classics and modern hits including Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber to keep you and your student friends rocking and rolling at your student wedding. Our wedding repertoire is second to none and covers all the styles you need for your low budget wedding. Don’t forget to book Crash Symphony productions in conjunction with Big thanks Band and our amazing wedding singer, to capture your fellow students and our ultimate wedding singer with cameras to create a a state-of-the-art video and sonic recording to keep forever.


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