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A low budget wedding

A low budget wedding does not need to be a miserable affair. On the contrary! Many of the lower budget weddings that the Big Thanks Band has played were the most beautiful. We have also played very ostentatious weddings that... View Article

Wedding singer gold

Big Thanks Band has got the wedding singer for you. We love variety and we aim to please and satisfy YOUR needs musically. You may have seen the movie with Adam Sandler as “The Wedding Singer”. He tirelessly aims to please... View Article

Online virtual gigs: VIGS

Big Thanks Band works closely with Crash Symphony Productions to bring you an online virtual gigs through a revolutionary new live music portal. Believe it or not, you can actually see our band play live from your own house. Tune... View Article

Wishing a couple well at a wedding

Writing a note on a wedding card can be perplexing and its hard to choose the right words  in wishing a couple well at times. There are a number of different approaches to this. The Big Thanks Band is there... View Article

hologram wedding

A hologram wedding

A hologram wedding is becoming more and more possible these days as technology improves across the world. What is the point of a hologram wedding you may ask? Quite simply it allows people who are unable to travel to the... View Article

Sydney wedding band

Sydney Wedding Band with all the hits

Big Thanks Band is the Sydney wedding band with a difference. We are all very experienced professional musicians and we love to make music for weddings. A wedding band is a unique organism and requires attention to detail. From the... View Article

wedding disaster

Avoiding a wedding disaster

Wedding disaster: Everyone fears something going wrong with their wedding. The reality is, a wedding disaster is very rare. Apart from a couple of drunken guests being a bit too loud or perhaps a broken glass here and there, most... View Article

The ultimate Sydney wedding band

From a wide range of musical backgrounds, The Big Thanks Band is the ultimate Sydney Wedding band. We play a huge variety of styles of music to make sure you and your guests are covered for a night of musical... View Article

a cyber wedding

A midnight wedding

A midnight wedding can be surprisingly romantic! If you plan for the full moon cycle and make sure it’s in a non-rainy month, you could actually tied the knot in full moonlight while your friends look on holding candles. Fortunately... View Article

Wedding Singer Sydney The Big Thanks Band

Animals at a wedding

Animals at a wedding. Big thanks band loves to play zoological weddings. We have off and played at weddings where there will be a dog or cat on the dancefloor. Some people are very attached to their pets and even... View Article