A cyber wedding. Tying the knot online

A cyber wedding is something that is necessary for many incapacitated people. The new era of young people are being described as screen-agers and live a lot of their lives online in the computer world. Its not as dramatic as the movie Tron made out years ago, but things have certainly headed in that direction for many years now. Virtual reality has become very popular for many online experiences both in games and also in cyber tourism. Where someone can actually log on and walk around a place virtually as if they are there. This technology makes a cyber wedding more and more realistic. Is the future here yet? How do you feel about the idea of a cyber wedding? It’s controversial naturally and still debatable legally yet becoming more and more likely. The virtual game “Second Life” began a huge trend of online dating and in world activities both fun and romantic. Many “Second Life” wedding have occurred over the past 10 years which have been reflected in Real Life as couples decide to extend their romance beyond the cyber world and travel to find each other and tie the knot. Pretend celebrants and ministers recite vows in such a “game” but the feelings are often real. Voice technology has been around long enough for the avatars of each player to be accompanied by their real voices provided each user has access to a microphone. The next step into the future is a cyber wedding where it is legally acceptable and there is some way to witness the signatures. This could be appropriate for military personnel who are trapped in a war zone or on mission and need to marry their spouse remotely. Either way, Big Thanks Band is ready to don the cyber helmets and enter the virtual reality world with you and celebrate a cyber wedding with you. Technology from crash symphony productions can mean you can have a live band streamed from a studio in sydney  to play all the classic hits and modern bangers you require as well as a live bridal dance.

a cyber wedding

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