A kings cross wedding

We all know the night life in Kings Cross has been crushed by the state government. A Kings Cross Wedding is one way to allow it to creep back. Kings Cross has traditionally been a place of live music and all forms of entertainment. The government made a crack down and blamed “violence” when in fact the real reason was to ensure the flow of revenue went to the new casino. It is one of the few venues that is open midweek nights now and on weekends it is allowed to stay open as late as it likes. The other venues in Kings Cross have strict restrictions so a Kings Cross Wedding is harder to accomplish. Having said this, there are special allowances for private parties and weddings in Kings Cross and it may be one sure way to get a live band back into action in the area. The Big thanks band is Sydney’s premier wedding band and would love to play at your Kings Cross Wedding with our wedding singer and party all night with you in the tradition of old music venues like Beat Bar, Kings Cross Hotel and The Bourbon, not forgetting of course The New Hampshire. The great thing about a Kings Cross Wedding is that there is plenty of interesting characters around. From Cross dressers to strippers, to interesting backpackers and people from all walks of life. A kings cross wedding is fun, unpredictable and a great place to showcase a Sydney wedding band. Your Sydney wedding singer in conjunction with Big Thanks Band and Crash Symphony Productions can give you a night to remember as your friends and family party on the dance floor. Crash Symphony Productions offers the experience of a lifetime with state of the art video and recording equipment to capture a music video of the Big Thanks Band where you are the stars.

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