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Keeping up with the Jones’

Styles change constantly and in places like Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and even Sydney there are always trends and fads that people want to keep up with. There is nothing wrong with a traditional old wedding but many... View Article

What style of music do you like?

What style of music do you like? What style of music does your partner like? Music can play a very big part in all of our lives. It brings back memories from childhood and high school and university. It may... View Article

Wedding singer gold

Big Thanks Band has got the wedding singer for you. We love variety and we aim to please and satisfy YOUR needs musically. You may have seen the movie with Adam Sandler as “The Wedding Singer”. He tirelessly aims to please... View Article

Bridal party

Choosing a bridal party should be a fun process and it should come naturally. The people who are most significant to you as friends or siblings often become the bridal party. However sometimes things don’t always go so smoothly. Jealousy... View Article

Wedding troubles

Weddings are one of the greatest moments in our life but can also be the source of wedding troubles. Wedding troubles stem from a whole range of problems and issues, some simply from the practicalities and difficult tasks of preparing... View Article

Choosing a good celebrant

Choosing a good celebrant for your big day can be tricky.  There are so many celebrants to choose from.  Actually in Australia there are more than 10,000 marriage celebrants registered.   All celebrants have their own way of doing things,... View Article

Choosing a wedding dress

1. One of the most important things when choosing a wedding dress is to know the general shape and silhouette of the dress before you go going shopping. Before you get lost in the all the different words and terms used... View Article

wedding by the swimming pool

A rainy wedding: Braving the weather

In many cultures a rainy wedding is considered extraordinary good luck. Its easy to feel disappointed when you wake up on your big day and see overcast, angry clouds. This however needs to be reviewed! The reality is that rain... View Article

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A wedding by the sea

There is nothing more poignant than a wedding by the sea. What more beautiful environment for honouring  our love to one another then the sea itself. Even the clouds on the horizon as you look out across the sea, denote... View Article