Avoiding a wedding disaster

Wedding disaster:

Everyone fears something going wrong with their wedding. The reality is, a wedding disaster is very rare. Apart from a couple of drunken guests being a bit too loud or perhaps a broken glass here and there, most weddings go off quite predictably and safely. All the fears that people have about things going wrong is usually wasted energy. There are however occasions when things go wrong and a wedding disaster result. Mother nature tends to be a big player in such unusual events. One unlucky couple booked a beautiful April wedding in Sydney expecting nice weather. April of course can go either way and it’s best to be prepared for either eventuality. On this occasion however in an un-air-conditioned, unheated venue in Sydney the couple ended up with a freakish cold day and their guests froze. Many had to leave early and others just chose to dance all night to keep warm. In a situation like this, the Big Thanks Band can help you out. It’s well known scientifically that the best way to avoid being cold is to move your body. So our advice for those who are ill prepared for the cold and dress the wrong way for the wedding (this is a big problem for women who have that special backless dress that shows extra skin) but the truth is you don’t need clothes when you have grooves and beats to keep you sweating all night long. Another very practical solution is the server loads of hot water, tea, coffee all night will keep your guests from freezing if you have underestimated the weather. The other obvious cause of wedding disasters is alcohol! One of the most unpredictable factors in a wedding is the very people you invite! Some of them love to drink and are experienced at doing so. Others perhaps don’t know their limits. Yet others are serial offenders in this case and well known for making trouble once they’ve had four or five drinks. The important thing is to have a few strong, sober people keeping an eye on the crowd. If one of the guests begins to become insulting or aggressive on the dancefloor a friendly, neighbour or friend as a security guard can be the answer. Many wedding disasters have been avoided on account of a helpful individual keeping an eye on unruly guests. The big thanks band has experienced many such unruly guests as they walk up and grab the microphone or want to play the guitar or drum kit. We are highly trained and experienced in fending off such trouble makers. While being polite yet stern we manage to get the difficult guest to focus on the song we are about to play. In extreme circumstances the Big Thanks Band may have to notify the best man or someone else who can talk to the troublemaker and get them to leave us alone. Having said that, Big thanks band is ready to soldier on rain hail shine or and type of wedding disaster and play for you all the classic hits from all the eras. Our wedding singer is extremely versatile. If you book with Crash Symphony productions you can insure that this amazing experience will be captured on video. A brilliant music video that features you and your guests as the stars.


wedding disaster


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