Bridal party

Choosing a bridal party should be a fun process and it should come naturally. The people who are most significant to you as friends or siblings often become the bridal party. However sometimes things don’t always go so smoothly. Jealousy can be an issue sometimes among friends who thought they were closer to you than they actually are. There is nothing worse than a friend expecting to be a bridesmaid but never getting the call. Of course she will be invited to the wedding but this makes it all the more awkward because she will have to see all the pretty dresses and the fun that the bridal party have. This can be hurtful and leave scars and a damaged friendship. Of course there are those who really have just imagined a friendship that was never there and have an ego-centric idea about themselves. This however is not your concern and you don’t even need to invite them! True friends however are worth looking out for.

One way to solve this dilemma is to have a larger bridal party. If there truly are close friends that you are drawn too and can’t feel comfortable leaving out then by all means increase the size! You might have to save some money and cut corners on the material, but in the end a happy group of people and avoiding damaged relationships is more important. And if its lopsided, there is always a spare brother, uncle, aunt or cousin who is happy to fill the opposite number in the party to balance out bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The Big Thanks Band loves to play bridal party entrances. We have done many weddings where the party enters to a live band and each couple has their own theme song. We can make suggestions and we also take requests. Our wedding singer knows a variety of tunes and can make the entrance fabulous. Our Sydney Wedding Band is the best available and would love to make your big day special!

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