Celebrating a big white Christmas Wedding

Imagine a Christmas wedding. As crazy as it seems some couple Tuesdays or date to get married. It’s a perfect opportunity for the wedding singer in the ultimate wedding band to play all the Christmas classics. No, not just the Christmas carols! The big things wedding band Sydney loves to play all those classic Christmas songs from artist like Mariah Carey who made famous “All I want for Christmas is you”, Wham (Last Christmas), John Lennon (The War is Over), The Sprogs and all the other amazing rock and pop artists over the years that have produced a hit with the theme about Christmas. I wonder if you would have the courage to choose this date for your celebration? Would the guests come? Would you receive enough presents or are people already overburdened with buying presents for their own family!? On the other hand the festive season might see you land more wedding gift than ever. It’s a gamble for sure but it really could pay off especially if you have a large Christmas tree right next to the bridal table. Crash Symphony productions can record the entire experience and create a tailor made music video experience for you to keep and watch whenever you want in the future. With state of the art TV quality recording it would be a Christmas Wedding to remember with the Big Thanks Band music recorded in extra high quality. You could perhaps request people come dressed with Santa hats or as cute elf or any other sort of Christmas theme. You could even have fake snow as you walk down the isle or are you exited the church, you could be showered with great fake snow from a machine. Big Thanks Wedding band loves to play any sort of wedding and a Christmas wedding is no exception. Wether you have your Christmas wedding in a southern highlands wedding reception centre or in a Huntervalley wedding reception centre the big thanks band and their ultimate wedding singer will be there and ready to un-wrap presents with you and celebrate the festive season as you give each other the ultimate gift of yourselves.

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