Chinese weddings

Sydney wedding band Big Thanks Band  loves to play for Chinese weddings. From the amazing dragon dance to all the other rituals surrounding a fun Chinese wedding, Big Thanks Band loves to get in amongst the celebration and can even play traditional Chinese music! Chinese weddings have a cultural connection that goes way back until ancient times and are especially beautiful. Big Thanks Band not only can play traditional Chinese music but also all the modern classics that your guests will want. Wether in Sydney, Beijing, Hong Kong or Taiwan, Big Thanks Band is ready to go the distance and celebrate with you at your traditional Chinese Wedding.
The bride at a Chinese wedding will often wear the traditional red in celebration of the marriage although in modern times many brides opt for the western white colour. Another famous tradition at a good Chinese wedding is the loud noises of fire crackers, drums and gongs to ward off evil spirits. This is also just a great excuse to party and make a lot of noise and can be quite an enjoyable spectacle for western guests! Serving tea to the grooms family is another common tradition in the Chinese Wedding history as well as bridesmaid games where the Bride’s friends haggle with the groom for him to perform tricks and stunts to impress them before they give their friend up! Chinese weddings are a lot of fun and can be filled with many traditional costumes and colours. The dragon dance can interrupt the reception abruptly while guests eat their main course and be quite a fun surprise. Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks is on standby with your traditional chinese drummers to provide the culturally appropriate music for this part of the evening. For younger couples who just want a smattering of tradition we are sure to get the balance just right. Chinese weddings are some of our most enjoyable weddings.

Chinese wedding

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