Summer wedding

Sydney wedding band Big Thanks band would love to play at y our summer wedding. Choosing a season for you wedding can be a conundrum. There are charming aspects of each and every season. Winter weddings can feature a nice large, open fireplace and a cozy atmosphere in a mountain retreat or nestled in the Southern Highlands. Spring weddings are beautiful outdoors with blossoms in the air and a sense of new beginnings. Autumn weddings can be lovely as the bride walks down a forest aisle showered by falling leaves. But by far the most enjoyable celebration is a summer wedding. Big Thanks Band loves nothing more than to play at a fun summer wedding. These are best held on the beach where guests can strip down to swimming costumes and dive into the waves after the ceremonial proceedings. Sydney wedding band big thanks can set up a stage on the beach and play all the classics while people play beach volleyball and even toss the Boquet over the volleyball net. A summer wedding is particularly fun for kids. The one and only draw back of summer weddings can be the Australian heat. Sydney wedding band big thanks has played in 46 degree heat outdoors! Playing in a windless location away from the coast and outdoors can be really challenging. Many a groomsmen has bit the dust while waiting for the bride to make her way down the aisle as the heat and sunshine on a black suit becomes unbearableLots of water and other cold beverages are essential. Our guitarist has even been known o put ice under his armpits and down his pants in order to cool the core body temperature. Celebrate your marriage this summer with plenty of ice cream and a sprinkler with the amazing Big Thanks Band.

summer wedding

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