Cruise ship

Sydney wedding band Big Thanks Band loves to play from time to time on a Cruise Ship. Members of our band regularly set sail on the high seas with such companies as P&O and Carnival Cruises. These provide an opportunity for band members to play to a floating audience who are very relaxed and eager to here our musical prowess. Clients on these boats range from small families, to retirees and sometimes young party animals! The passengers on these boats get a “cruise pass” with an account attached which essentially allows them to roam the huge ship and purchase items, food, beverages and all kinds of alcohol to fuel their floating holiday. The cruise ships can go to many destinations including the pacific Islands like Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Lau, Lifou and Noumea. There are smaller stops along the way at such enchanting places as Mare, Mystery Island and Isle of Pines. The Big Thanks Band plays in the Blue room or at the various night clubs and bars on the boat in order to keep the guests entertained while they float between islands at night. All the classics that we would play at a wedding come out and people fill the dance floor in a happy go lucky manner. From Cold Chisel to Daryle Braithwaite, U2, The Police, Pharell Williams and even Abba, Big Thanks Band love to rock the boat all night. This way of performing allows young couples to check out what we offer and gives them an option to book us for their wedding. Many engaged couples go on cruise ships and decide to book the Big Thanks Band for their special day after falling in love with our music. The other option of course is for them and yourself to attend one of our VIG showcases online where we play live to a streaming connection right ¬†into your living room or bedroom! Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks loves to serenade with slower, more romantic ballads also that remind people of the Titanic and the famous romance between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett. Many sneaky couples have been caught at the bow of the boat with the man holding his finance up in the famous pose that was invented in the movie. And yes, of course we can play that famous number in our Band that Celine Dion bought to the world: My Heart will go on. Perhaps you could choose this for your bridal waltz. Hop on a cruise ship today and check out The Big Thanks Band!

cruise ship

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