Desert wedding: Leaving civilisation behind with BTB

Imagine packing up and leaving the big city for a desert wedding. Drive deep into the interior of our beautiful country and say goodbye to all the hustle and bustle of the city. Through the blue mountains and over the table lands, through the bush and out beyond the farms. This is a true place of perspective. Some people choose to go all the way to Alice Springs for their desert wedding. You only need go just past Bourke to find a desert atmosphere to pitch your marque tent. Imagine rocking out all night to the sounds of midnight oil or gangajang or Paul Kelly in a true western desert wedding. Some people even choose to have traditional aboriginal performers enact the customs and dances and music that signify the ushering in of two peoples life together. The sound of a digeredoo under the stars can be magical as the fire crackles and the sparks fly high to mingle with the stars. Would you go barefoot with  your spouse and dance in the dust? The obvious disadvantages of a desert wedding are the flies, heat and dust. Make sure you have plenty of water oh hand for your guests. If camping is the chosen accommodation, you would want a nice grove of trees nearby and plenty of shade. A billabong or any other sort of oasis or river is a great place to hold a desert wedding. The guests can strip down and swim after the ceremony or reception. Dont’ forget the most important item for your perfect desert experience. The Big Thanks Band loves to travel into this countries stunning interior and perform for a desert wedding. We play all the great aussie hits and even have numerous contacts with the indigenous community if you should want traditional music at your desert wedding. On top of this, sydney wedding band Big Thanks Band can travel out with all the equipment in conjunction with Crash Symphony Productionsn to create the perfect memory of  your outback wedding. Crash symphony productions can film, record and capture stunning visual and audio of the ultimate musical experience with the Big Thanks Band. Pack your swag and book your desert wedding today with the Big Thanks Band and Crash Symphony productions.

desert wedding

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