Getting married on an aeroplane with BTB

Getting married on an aeroplane is not as ridiculous as it sounds, some people have been known to hire out the whole aircraft and actually just to book tickets on the entire thing for their closest friends and loved ones. A celebrant can easily hop on and aeroplane for a four hour journey from Sydney to Perth or up to Cairns if you prefer. When the no seatbelt sign is turned off the celebrant can rise and summon the bridal party to the end of the aisle. The flight attendants can give instructions on went to throw confetti and at what point it is safe during the in-flight wedding. The little speakers and microphone that the flight attendants use can be easily hijacked by the Big Thanks Band wedding singer as he serenades you on your literal walk down the aisle. Of course it’s important not to walk down the aisle and exchange vows when the food service is happening! This can be awkward situation. Once the rings exchanged and the knot tied however, the party begins and the stewardesses can serve up the ultimate inflight reception meal. Yes three courses are available on a plane of course! Make sure your elderly love ones have you emergency exit seats for extra foot room.  Perhaps you could the children right at the back of the plane and they can have their own fun down there without disturbing the adults. And for the honeymoon/wedding night room? Of course those thick velvet curtains that separate first class from economy can be the key to privacy if you have an overnight flight and need some alone time with your spouse. We recommend small bridal parties for a wedding on the plane. Whatever the case make sure you book the big thanks wedding band. Don’t think getting married on an aeroplane we are limited by numbers. Our brass players and percussionists and backing vocalist can all have different seats and still make quite audible music. We can have up to an eight piece band on a plane without a problem. The sound of course would be acoustically heard and less amplified but this would give it a more intimate feel. And don’t forget the Crash Symphony Productions team if you choose to get married on an aeroplane. As they film and record the entire sonic experience creating a legendary historical wedding that would featuring magazines and wedding promotions for years to come. Book an in-flight wedding today with one of the great Australian airlines and make it a trip to remember as you begin the trip of your life together

married on an aeroplane

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