Keeping up with the Jones’

Styles change constantly and in places like Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and even Sydney there are always trends and fads that people want to keep up with. There is nothing wrong with a traditional old wedding but many brides scour magazines to see what the celebrities are trending on.  Some people choose to have a super modern fashion wedding with latex, leather and all sorts of plastic attire. This quasi 70s, futuristic look can be very quirky and look fantastic in photos. Sydney wedding band Big Thanks Band has played at all sorts of fashion wedding occasions including high fashion and the clothes are meticulously selected from cities and fashion hubs like Paris, Milan and New York. Others yet still choose a fashion wedding something similar to the derelict campaign in the movie Zoolander (“Mugatu industries”). Imagine your loved ones turning up dressed as bag ladies and vagrants. There is no limit to the imagination regarding clothing at weddings and you can always keep up and always pump away on the dance floor to our Big Thanks wedding DJ at the end of the night. You may even choose to have garbage bins line the reception hall and instead of throwing confetti people may throw trash. If this is not your cup of tea you might choose an old school Victorian wedding where everybody wears period clothing. Perhaps you like the fashion wedding ideas of the Jane Austin series or Pride and Prejudice and would choose to model your bridal party attire on this fashion era. Corsets and layers of petticoats from the southern belle era of the USA confederate states can be another look (think of Scarlett from gone with the wind).

Some couples however want to avoid the stress of keeping up and complicated dresses and costumes and simplify the whole celebration with a  super casual wedding. These couples go for Denham, bikini tops and even night club wear. Our wedding band dresses for the occasion. We can be super formal if you require or we can be casual and rock looking. A casual wedding is not such a bad thing because people feel relaxed from the start and can truly express themselves on the dancefloor. The big thinks band is ready to cater for any sort of fashion we are happy to dress accordingly. The entire fashion experience from clothes to flowers furniture can be captured by crash symphony productions and in a sonic and video experience second to none. Imagine your fashionably dressed guessed strutting around on the dance floor to the Big Thanks Band and their epic wedding singer while the cameras role and a music video is produced around you.


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