Surviving a long distance relationship

A long distance relationship is not for everyone but when it works it can be a beautiful romance. Many couples meet online in this day and age and it seems that ¬†distance is not a factor where chemistry is concerned. Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks Band loves to play for those who have weathered a long distance relationship and finally tie the knot. Harking back to the old days of romantic hand written letters that took weeks and sometimes months to deliver, a long distance relationship can involve very heart warming and deep emails. Sometimes an email or even a series of messages can more accurately describe the way your partner is feeling than a phone call. Why is this? Well, some psychologists believe it is because of the time and though put into the words. When someone sets aside time to write and express their feelings in a thought out way, the results can be astonishing. Women often swoon over a boyfriend who will put all his feelings of desire into words. So often men are reluctant to do this in a close, normal relationship but in a long distance relationship they don’t have a choice! And so the romantic lines come out. Even poetry creeps its way back into modern cyber romances as well as the odd song. Distance love can also be incredibly difficult depending on the actual proximity. Very brave couples go through this period of time (sometimes more than a year or two) stoically knowing that they are meant for each other even though they may live on opposite sides of the globe. Sometimes it is a true test of love and other times it can reveal important things that perhaps indicate the couple is not meant for each other. Like any good relationship, it is built on communication and the more honesty and connection that happens in a long distance relationship, the better. Sydney Wedding Band Big Thanks has played some incredibly romantic weddings where a couple has finally been united after years of a long distance relationship. The joy in the air at such occasions is palpable and quite beautiful. We love to play the classic distance love songs like “So Far Away from me” but Dire Straights, “The letter” by Joe Cocker and “I wanna go home” by Michael Buble. Book today for the ultimate experience and finale to a long distance relationship which becomes a beautiful marriage.

long distance relationship

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