A home wedding: planning and preparing well

Many couples choose to have a home wedding in their own back yard. This is a great idea for many reasons. The couple can choose any decorations they want and work with their family for weeks, even months setting up the place to look just right for the big day. A home wedding is also special for memories. Particularly if the couple live in the house for many years after the wedding. They can associate that beautiful day they tied the knot with their every day life and their home becomes a constant reminder of the wedding day. Family and friends who visit the home from then on after the marriage will be able to reminisce easily and it won’t be some foreign distant memory in a reception venue that you will never see again. The disadvantages of a home wedding are also worth weighing up. Obviously its a lot of work and can be quite disruptive to daily life if you are altering your house massively for a singe days celebration. People who are perfectionists can really struggle with it and it can cause tension in the relationship if it is not well managed. Things like not doing the washing up and leaving things around the house can suddenly go from being annoying to down right sacrilegious and disrespectful of the big day coming! Of course none of that is true and one must keep a sensible perspective when preparing for a home wedding. It should certainly not ruin your life or relationship! Certainly some couples and their respective personalities are more suited to a home wedding than others. More free, easy going, relaxed couples will find the idea more appealing and less disruptive. Needless to say a home wedding is much easier if the couple doesn’t already have children. This can really be asking for trouble depending on the age of the kids! If you are planning on a home wedding you will need the right wedding singer and the right wedding band. The Big Thanks Band is perfect for a home wedding and can play all the classic hits and modern pop bangers to make your house come alive with a party spirit. Wether in a marquee out in the back yard, on the veranda or in a decent sized living room, The Big Thanks Band is ready to fill your home and your wedding day with great music. Imagine all of this being recorded like a personalised home music video with all your greatest hits and your best friends appearing on the screen. Crash Symphony Productions in conjunction with Big Thanks Band can make this happen and give you the ultimate keep sake for your special day. Book Sydney’s premier wedding band today and record the experience to keep for life!

home wedding

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