Pre-wedding stress and organisation

Pre-wedding stress can sometimes take the fun out of the process of preparing for a wedding and making it the best night it can possibly be. Because of all the organisational pressures that a couple faces, the relationship can experience undue strain. Wether it be organising a venue, the guest list (this can cause big trouble in particular), organising catering, decorations, the music, the DJ, the cake and even the wedding dress. Pre-wedding stress often needs intervention from friends or family or even counsellors. Think about it for just one second. If you are two people who love each other and have decided to spend the rest of your life together, is stress over a wedding guest list, possibly leading to an argument really worth it? Never is there a better time to test out the relationship and learn to love each other practically and patiently then when you are preparing for the wedding. Don’t let pre-wedding stress take the shine of your big day. Big Thanks Band has actually played weddings where there is tension in the air and its sad to see. Fortunately when our Sydney Wedding singer hits the stage and begins to play your favourite classics, all that pre-wedding stress tends to wash away. As Taylor swift says: Shake it off. Get on the dance floor with all your loved ones of different ages and have FUN. Our Sydney Wedding Band specialises in making your wedding day fun. We like to help relieve the stress. Having a live band with trumpets, saxophones, guitars, a drum kit, bass and keyboards is extremely therapeutic. Allow music to relieve those pre-wedding stress blues and help you move on into a happy life together. Our wedding repertoire contains all the classics to help you forget about your troubles and shake of the blues. We love music from the Beatles to Bruno Mars.

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